PIC32 64pin on a DIP
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This is our latest development.  A 64pin with USB PIC32 in a DIP format.  0.8in wide, 2.6in long, PIC32MX440F256H, 4 programmable LEDs, 2 programmable switches, an 8MHz primary crystal, a 32.768kHz crystal for the RTCC, a 3.3V regulator, power from the USB or an external 5 to 9V battery and access to all I/O pins in convenient 0.1 in pins which can be plugged into a protoboard or your next project. 
Versions with new PIC32MX795F512H Ethernet & CAN chips available on special requests.
Available for purchase, $35 + shipping!






Programming can be through a ICSP connection (using a 0.05 in spacing connector on the board or your own interface on your protoboard through the pins) or via a boot loader through the USB like the StickOS available here:  www.cpustick.com .
This board is fully compatible as a USB device.  All of the features available on the PIC32MX440F256H chip are available.
Also available in PIC32MX795F512H & PIC24FJ256GB106 versions upon special request.

PIC32 USB on a DIP