R&D / New Developments

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RC Data logger
R & D / New developments

Ethernet Module for PIC32 on a dip

It works!! There are still a couple jumpers that will get fixed in the next layout but it is working. Also, we are working to incorporate this into the PIC32 on a dip product either as a piggy-back board, stacked on top of the original PIC32 on a dip, or incorporated into the DIP package itself. Look for this to be for sale soon. See pictures below.

USB RC data logger
RC model altimeter with downlink telemetry based on Microchip's new PIC18F14K50.  PCB is done, parts are in, now on to populating the board.


PIC24FJ64GA002 based data logger in MLF format
s/n 001 & 002 under construction, shown with a new version of the expansion module to monitor multiple LiPo cells during use.


Rats, missed a trace.  Jumper added, pcb layout updated ;-).

RC model telemetry

This system is based on the PIC24FJ64GA002 in the QFN form factor, includes a uSD card for storage, 2 25LC1024 EEPROMs, voice and sound generation as well as reception of downlinked data over 433Mhz.
Here is the airborne transmitter (on left), interfaced with the RC data logger (above) and the almost complete Base Station module (on right).  Rx module, RTCC, uSD card, Voice and audio, color LCD (on rear) are some of the features of the base station.  So far the left side of the base station makes a good clock and WAV player and talks too ;-).  RF sections on both sides are now checked out, interface for continuous and on demand RX/TX is now in work....checkout continues


Reflow Oven Controller
Based on a PIC18F2525 processor.  Includes interfaces for 2 K-type thermocouples, 2 relays, data logging, download via RS-232, status reporting via the LCD, reprogrammable reflow profiles (Pb and Pb free).




Big Dice Controller - Special Effects
Based on a PIC18F6722 processor, programmable dice rolls, rolling dice effect, command of up to 6 dice faces.  Provisions for RS-232 for external computer control.


Vacuum bag pump controller 
Assembly and checkout continues.  Had some changes (see jumpers)...getting there.  Almost ready to try controlling the vacuum pump.